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About Us

Queen City Framing & Art Supplies was opened in the fall of 2016 in Helena, Montana by Deb Parsons and Martha Johnson. They wanted to provide the community with a store dedicated to providing quality products and knowledgeable, attentive customer service.

Martha has over two decades of framing experience and training in the various methods of mounting prints, paintings, and photos as well as unique delicate items, memorabilia and 3-dimensional objects. Deb has a degree in graphic design, is a former business owner and a published artist and calligrapher who often teaches classes. She can answer questions about all the art mediums and supplies they carry and make thoughtful suggestions.

Deb, Martha, and their staff have the tools and knowledge to help you fulfill your artistic vision with expert advice, individualized customer service and affordable quality!

Queen City Framing & Art Supplies - Arts & Crafts

Products & Services

Our store offers a variety of different products and services for all your artistic needs and endeavors. Be sure to ask our staff for advice and suggestions on which product would be the best fit for you. Here is just a sample of the some of the products and services we offer:


  • Drawing Pencils & Markers
  • Oils/Acrylics/Watercolors
  • Stretched Canvas & Canvas Boards
  • Painting Easels
  • Artists’ Brushes
  • Sketch Books
  • Painting & Drawing papers
  • Art Instruction Books
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics
  • And More!


  • Design Consulting
  • Custom Framing
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Dry Mounting
  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Mat Cutting
  • Art Classes
  • Calligraphy
  • And More!

Please check out our Facebook page for photos of finished projects, current specials and upcoming classes!

Project Gallery

Zelda art framed by Queen City Framing and Art
A painting of cherried framed by Queen City Framing and Art
A landscape painting framed by Queen City Framing and Art

Create an Heirloom

If you are concerned about protecting and preserving your family treasures, consider having them framed. We will provide you with ideas for how to best present each item and we will use all the best materials and techniques to help preserve them. We have experience framing all kinds of treasures. Stop by to see some examples in our store. Whether you already know what you want to have framed or are looking for ideas, we are here to help. And wouldn’t it make a great Mother’s or Father’s Day gift!

Featured Artist

Jim Schulz

Join us on Facebook and Instagram for a virtual opening of Jim’s fabulous art. We will attempt a closing reception dependent upon recommendations and guidelines from Governor Bullock and the CDC.

Jim Schulz Featured Art

Jim Schulz grew up in the “bull shipping capital of the world,” Drummond, Montana. He has always liked drawing and creating. As a freshman in college, he picked up the guitar as reason not to study inorganic chemistry. While his peers listened to Led Zeppelin and Foghat, Jim focused on Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Fogelberg, Michael Johnson, and John Denver. He discovered bluegrass music at 19 and it changed his life. Then had a similar experience at 21, upon hearing the Irish supergroup, The Chieftains, and is currently enjoys creating music with a local celtic group. At 32, Jim was introduced to woodblock/linoblock printing by Stephanie Higgins, a fabulous graphic artist and quickly fell in love with the art form. He decided to create an annual woodblock print for Winter Solstice cards to send to friends and has been doing this for 40 years. His woodblock printing heroes are Everett Reuss, Claire Emery, Molly Hashimoto, Paul Honore, and Yoshiko Yamamoto. Jim is drawn to the organic nature the final print offers. He is kind to animals, likes brussels sprouts but will not eat any filtering organs, and is mad about the ukulele. He believes that everyone should take a long walk at sunset.

The-Last-Drop-Bar Jay Crider

Meet Our Staff

Deb – Queen of Art Supplies

This matriarch has the rule over the art supplies domain as her experience extends beyond the boundary of this kingdom. Her graphic design and calligraphic art is almost legendary. This is the lady to ask how to accomplish all your creative ideas and what will work to do it! Her art combines elements of calligraphy, nature, and spiritual interpretations using inks and paints in creative ways.

Martha – Queen of Framing

This queen reigns over the frame shop with an iron fist and woe be to any that puts a tool away in the wrong place. With an eye to continue to advance the skills and knowledge of her staff, constant education and innovation is instituted within her queendom. To balance the rigid standards of her framing world, Martha’s art is much freer, with the belief that the accident can make the art. Birds are a frequent subject to her work both uplifting and shocking.

Alissa – The Fairy Godmother


This lovely young lady can make it all happen around the store. Any questions about anything should be directed right at this magical woman. She moved to town in 2017 from Colorado. Her work is inspired by nature in both wildlife and elements like rocks and plants. The pieces being displayed this month are on 3D surfaces, natural bone, and reflect Alissa’s love of southwest textures, patterns and colors.

Elaina – The Cinderella


If it needs to be done, we give it to this woman. Elaina is soon to be graduating from High School and will be devoting herself to working here fulltime. She is inspired by nature. Hiking in the woods, along lakes and beautiful ocean vistas. Elaina loves animals, particularly cats both large and small, and you will often find them as elements in her work.

Zoe – The New Mouse


Our newest worker mouse, Zoe, has only been with us for a couple of months. She is eager to help and makes a cheerful addition to the crew here at Queen City. With a background in stain glass, Zoe has created some beautiful pieces for the show, as well as some acrylic paintings. She finds inspiration in patterns, color, light and dark, and textures.

Max – The Sweet Dog (That hangs around)

This sweet little monster hangs around the store after school, some weekends, and more during the summer. His art is inspired by pirates, outer space, dinosaurs and moving the colors around on the paper.



We will be back with a whole new batch of classes soon. Thanks for everything and stay healthy.

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