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About Us

Queen City Framing & Art Supplies was opened in the fall of 2016 in Helena, Montana by Deb Parsons and Martha Johnson. They wanted to provide the community with a store dedicated to providing quality products and knowledgeable, attentive customer service.

Martha has over two decades of framing experience and training in the various methods of mounting prints, paintings, and photos as well as unique delicate items, memorabilia and 3-dimensional objects. Deb has a degree in graphic design, is a former business owner and a published artist and calligrapher who often teaches classes. She can answer questions about all the art mediums and supplies they carry and make thoughtful suggestions.

Deb, Martha, and their staff have the tools and knowledge to help you fulfill your artistic vision with expert advice, individualized customer service and affordable quality!


Products & Services

Our store offers a variety of different products and services for all your artistic needs and endeavors. Be sure to ask our staff for advice and suggestions on which product would be the best fit for you. Here is just a sample of the some of the products and services we offer:


  • Drawing Pencils & Markers
  • Oils/Acrylics/Watercolors
  • Stretched Canvas & Canvas Boards
  • Painting Easels
  • Artists’ Brushes
  • Sketch Books
  • Painting & Drawing papers
  • Art Instruction Books
  • Block Printing
  • Kids’ Art Supplies

  • Grab & Go Art Boxes

  • Gifts and More!


  • Design Consulting
  • Custom Framing
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Dry Mounting
  • Shrink-Wrapping
  • Mat Cutting
  • Art Classes
  • Calligraphy
  • And More!

Please check out our Facebook page for photos of finished projects, current specials and upcoming classes!

Gallery Wall

Framing Gallery

A GALLERY WALL in your home adds Personality, Interest and a Story!

Creating a gallery wall is a perfect way to make a big personal impact at home. It is an opportunity to make a statement about who you are and what you like. Whether you want to add some personality in your living room or make a blank staircase come alive, a gallery wall can be a fun way for you to showcase favorite items.

In-Person or Virtual Design Available for Framing

We love to see your smiling …eyes, but we understand that not everyone is comfortable with coming into retail stores right now. So we would like to offer our virtual design services. Just call or email us to set up a time for dropping off your artwork and we can get back to you with 3-4 design ideas to get the process started.


Grab & Go Art!

Boxes ready to mail, wrap… or try yourself!

Grab & Go Art boxes packed full of exciting products to give, or to supplement your own art supply collection. Your box includes 5-7 full size premium art products at a nice savings, a ‘What’s In the Box’ menu describing each product with Pro Tips… and a couple of surprises! Supplement them with other supplies to create a truly special gift.


Limited Time Grab & Go Boxes

Each month we will be releasing different themed art boxes. Check out social media for the latest surprises on what we are featuring each month. Valentines for February, Easter Eggs in March, calligraphy, monotype printmaking…you never know what kind of artsy treasures we might bring you each month.


$25 Boxes

The Watercolor Art Box at this level is great for anyone just getting started. With a twelve-color pan twist paint set, a couple watercolor pencils, and watercolor brush pen, there is plenty to start exploring this versatile medium. Also contains blank watercolor postcards, a brush, and some surprises.

The Drawing Art Box is a perfect start for any aspiring artist. This box includes much of what is needed to get started sketching and creating. Contains Pacific Arc 12 count sketching pencils of different hardness range, a Sketchbook, Kneaded Eraser, General’s Carbon Sketching Pencil, a Tombow Mono Eraser Pen and more.

The Acrylic Art Box is an introduction to 3-D, Interference Pearl Paints. Learn how to up your acrylic paintings by completing a color experiment using four different pearl paints, primary magenta and cyan paints. These will make great additions to any artists toolbox. Includes black paper and a palette knife.

$35 Boxes

The Pastels Art Box gives one the chance to experiment with different ways this versatile medium can be used. In pencil form, as soft pastels, or compressed sticks … create and experiment to discover how each pastel performs. Which will become a favorite? Contains a set of General’s Multi-Pastel Compressed Chalk, a set of Rembrandt Soft Pastels, a Conte Pastel Pencil, Sofft Art Sponges, Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper, and a Pigma Micron Pen.

The Calligraphy Art Box is designed for the beginner, to introduce them to pen lettering in a simpler way. It contains “Elementary Alphabets” by Ross F. George that introduces four different styles; Roman, Gothic, Manuscript and Text. Follow along with the book as you explore the different tools included in the box and before long you will be creating beautiful handwritten pieces. Papers, pens, nibs and inks are all included.

The Watercolor Art Box at this level differs from the others in that it offers tube paints instead of pans. The ability to take wet paint directly from the tube can change how one uses it to paint. Once dried in the palette it can be treated just like pan watercolors. Contains 8 Talens Watercolor tubes, two brushes, a palette, pencil, eraser, 5×7 watercolor pad, and a few little surprises.

The Charcoal Art Box contains the supplies needed to branch out into another drawing medium. Discover the beauty and intensity of this medium with willows, pencils and sticks along with fun tools. Contains a variety of Nitram Charcoal Willows and General’s Charcoal and Pastel Chalk Pencils, Lead Pointer, and a beautiful sketchbook.

$45 Boxes

The Printmaking Art Box is a perfect small format introduction into making carved block prints with all the tools needed to create an art series! Great for making subtly different prints, or cards for all those who might want it. Give printmaking a try with Speedball tools, including a brayer, handle with three blades, three different types of carving blocks, Speedball block printing inks, and 5×7 Strathmore Printmaking Paper.

The Watercolor Art Box at this level includes an 18-color half pan Koi Pocket Field Sketch Box with a removable palette, a 4×6 pad of Fluid 100 watercolor paper and a couple of different brushes including a #6 round medium water brush. Also contains two sponges, pencil, eraser, and a sampling of surfaces for experiment painting on.

Kids Grab & Go Art Boxes

The Kids’ Painting Box is great for ages 2+. Get your kid exploring art, and color. Great for promoting imaginative play, fine motor skills, and a curious mind. Washable watercolor paints, gel stick paints, and a lot of painting paper for $20.

The Kids’ Drawing Box is great for sensory exploration with different textured papers and drawing mediums. Get your little one exploring their creativity and utilizing their fine motor skills. Colored pencils, chalk eggs, crayons and more. For kids 2+, $25.

The Mixed Media Box contains tools for drawing, painting, and sculpting. Explore a number of art forms and even mix them together. Great for creative young minds. Geared toward 7+ but anyone should enjoy the inspiration that this Art Box can give $30.

The Perfect Gift

These “tasty” go boxes are all ready for you to grab and mail or wrap for gift giving… or treat yourself! Each one has a fun variety of full-size art supplies related to its theme and fun little surprise extras related to its theme. An easy way to try new tools, mediums or colors. Ready to pick up now.

*Colors in each box are assorted, coordinated and are not exchangeable. These sets are designed for ages 13 to 100. We have more for younger kids available in store.

Acrylic Landscape Painting

Taught by Jay Crider

We will examine landscape compositions and learn some handy techniques for painting mountains, trees, rocks and more. We will get practice in layering and take a look at color mixing and brush work. Jay will give some great tips and direction to be successful.

Tues/Weds – February 28, March 1, 7, & 8 @ 4pm-6pm $75

Bring in any acrylic painting supplies you have or pick up some new ones with a 10% discount on any required supplies

Colored Pencil Techniques

Taught by Gayle Shirley

We will learn about the use and range of colored pencils as an art medium and the common techniques used by colored pencil artists to produce various effects! We will then apply some or all techniques to a drawing of your choice of subject matter, with input from instructor and fellow students.

Wednesdays March 1, 8, 15 @ 10am-Noon $70
Some Materials Supplied including paper, 10% discount on the rest

Painting Paste Paper

Taught by Deb Parsons Menke

The art of Paste Paper is a centuries-old technique using colored wheat paste on dampened paper. We will create designs and textures using various combs and tools. This is a bit like professional quality “finger-painting” for adults! This captivating art form yields pleasing results even for a beginner. Use for book covers, backgrounds, boxes, collage & cards.

Saturday March 4 @ 10:00am-3:00pm $70
Most Materials Supplied

Creative Hard Cover Books

Taught by Alissa Heaton

In this class we will learn how to make and sew signatures into a decorative hard cover. We will look at various techniques to personalize the covers with openings, layers or embellishments. Using book board, decorative papers, waxed thread and a little paste we will create a fun and unique book or two to use for sketching or journaling.

Thurs/Tues/Thurs March 9, 14, 16 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm $75
Most Materials Supplied

From Cuneiform to Roman Rustics

Exploring the history of writing and surfaces PART 1
Taught by Deb Parsons Menke

We will start around 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, exploring Cuneiform mark marking on clay tablets. We will then progress through writing on wax Tabula creating our own Hieroglyphics. This series will be a fun immersion into the past, trying our hands at ancient scripts and seeing how and why writing styles changed. This Spring, Part 1 will bring us up to about 800 BC. We will make a Papyrus Scroll using the Roman Rustics script! Calligraphers may have an edge, but this class is for anyone interested!

Mondays March 13, 20, 27, April 10, 17, 24 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm $90
Some Materials Provided, 10% discount on the rest

Painting on Rice, Rock & Plastic

Taught by Jean McLean

We will experiment with water-based media on these interesting, unique papers made from rice, rocks and plastic! We will learn various techniques and see how they can be used as parts of finished paintings. Bring your enthusiasm and be ready to try new ways of painting on new papers.

Saturday March 18 @ 10:00am-5:00pm $75
Paper supplied, 10% discount on any other supplies required

Block Printing – Refine & Define

Taught by Jim Schulz & Alissa Heaton

These two experienced artists will guide you through the whole block print making process from carving your blocks to ink and paper choices. We’ll talk about design, techniques, and working with multiple runs. You’ll work on a soft carve and on a lino block. Fun will be had!

Tues/Thurs – March 21, 23 @ 5:00pm-8:00pm $105
Some materials supplied, with a 10% discount on required supplies.

Botanical Watercolor Painting

Taught by Alissa Heaton

Learn the unique medium that is watercolor by painting flowers, leaves, trees and more! Participants will become familiar with different watercolor techniques and processes. This class is great for those just learning watercolors, or those who want to learn more. We’ll also talk about how to take your art outside and on the go!

Tues/Thursday – April 11, 13, 18 and 20 @ 5:30pm-7:30pm $75
Some Materials Supplied, 10% discount given on required supplies

Fortune Cookie Flag Book

Taught by Deb Parsons Menke

Learn how to make an Accordion Flag Book with funny or affirming ‘fortunes’ from cookies! We will use some beautiful paper for the covers and design a closure with a large decorative button. You’ll learn some skills to be able to make more on you own. We’ll munch on some Fortune Cookies and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at the Red Atlas!

Wednesday – April 12 @ 10am-Noon $50
Materials Included

Covid-19 Information

Updated on April 15th, 2022

The health and safety of our customers and staff continue to be a top priority for us. Wearing masks at this point is the choice of the individual but we will continue to monitor the case counts for Covid-19 in our state and county and decide from there whether or not we need to change our policy. For now, however, we will be holding events and teaching classes and adhering to the policies or our teachers and maintaining smaller class sizes. Things may change quickly and will be posted at our door when they do.

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